Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm going to miss my baby - my dog Bingo. He is my everything, yes i'm a sucker for doggie drool, but he's such a cutie pie and I wouldn't be without him. But it's a whirlwind getting organised. 8 sleeps to go! Do I sound like a kid?

Too bad. It's exciting, all the wonderful things and places we're going to see. Mind you gotta get this driving on the 'wrong' side of the road thing sorted, and the money that's all the same color - how the heck do you figure out which denomination is which and not make a mistake and give the wrong $? Plus then there's the subject of tipping.....well, it's not the done thing here in old kiwi land, so i had better figure that out too, then of course, don't get me started on the exchange rate ... not fair!!!! I' mean it's costing me $NZ 2.00 for every US$1.00. Oh well, who cares, it's only money, right?

So any way.... keep checking in... we'll update you on Pinkie's progress and of course now Pinkie has a mate... yes, a PINK suitcase to match. I mean a handbag has to have the fashionable accessories, right?

Happy reading and writing to all

Jane Beckenham


  1. It's all right Bingo, you paw little thing! Mummy (?Mommy) can go shopping in those wonderful doggie shops and bring you home all sorts of blingie souvenirs. And they'd better be good!!! I think it's a howling shame actually. You've really got the ruff end of the deal! Who are you human-sitting while they're away? Or are you fitting into Pinkie too?
    Lix - Kelsey (loopie Clare's canine companion)

  2. You are so adventurist! Can't wait for you to start your trip, so I can follow you by blogland, lol. Your doggy is the cutest!

  3. Clare... wuff wuff Beingo to Kelsey.
    My boy is house sitting a young couple, keeping cats Monty and Timmy in order and eyeballilng the fish tanks in case said fish decided to do a float to the bottom and need ressussitation!
    Now wait there's more pinkie adventures...coming soon...

  4. Debra...yes not long to go - i keep saying 8 sleeps or whatever, but heck i'm up at 3 am today, so the sleeping part is in my imagination.