Friday, April 24, 2009


Who would have thought that time could fly. Well it has, and we have one sleep to go until lift off. The bags are packed, still the glorious task of housework to get done, and my editor sent last minute edits of my coming release TO KISS AN ANGEL. So what do I do? I play on my new toy, my husband calls it my 'writing expense'. It's my lap top. sleep and a 12 hour flight and we'll be enjoying the warmer weather of Los Angeles. So please California, heat it up a bit for us if you can.

Pinkie is taking a break from flying in that she is going baggage class = yes she has been considened to the hold INSIDE the suitcase - suitably PINK of course. And what do you think hubby gave me for my birthday last week? A PINK passport holder. Just to keep PINKIE company of course.

So stay with us and stay tuned, what was it that Batman said, same time, same bat channel, well, you get the idea. Hang around and join our travels

Happy reading
Jane Beckenham


  1. I think I am about as excited as you are! keep us posted!

  2. LOL KIm... hey, it's Sunday and i'm on the same continent as you! All very exciting...the others though are now sleeping - it's only 6.30 pm, and i'm wide awake!