Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Disneyland was on the agenda for today /Tuesday.
Well what can I say, pure fantasy. Lots and lots of people and i’ve never seen so many strollers (pushchairs for downunder readers) plus babies, in my life. Everyone leaves the strollers outside the event and they’re fine. But do remind me never ever to go on Space Mountain again, it was horrendous, kept my eyes closed tight the whole time, saw nothing, and my daughter’s leg was crushed beneath my fingers as the carriage rocketed around corners and I squeezed her leg. There was It’s A Small World, train rides, and of course the Tea Cups, they were more my style, a paddle steamer ride, buildings that look so realistic they could hurtle this writer back in time, which is kinda fun for a time traveller writer. Then there were the photo opportunities with the stars, Mickey and crew. Places everywhere to eat, but 3 bottles of soda at $3.00 a shot – which in exchange rate terms meant $18.00 NZ so an expensive drink!
There are constant shuttle busses taking tourists back to the hotels which are great, but again only adds to the ever moving traffic here.
Dinner, again we are wide eyed at the cheapness in the supermarkets. 8 pieces of cooked chicken only $4.00.
So fantasy of LA is about to end as we head north. We were watching the weather channel today, again a fascinating thing for this kid from down under where our weather report takes about 5 minutes max. This is a whole channel! And it really highlights how big this country is with such a broad range of temperatures all happening at once. For example snow storms in Montana – help we’re driving thru there in about 4 weeks and we have no winter clothes!. Then in Florida they’re in drought. There’s floods somewhere else and threat of tornados too. This I think highlights how BIG this actual land mass is.
Now, we’ve got to drive across it.

Catch u again after our drive to San Simeon – that’s after Freeway 101 and 5! Eeek!


  1. Sounding like fun, Jane. Enjoy those adventures for this downunderer who is still w-a-y downunder... Remember, keep RIGHT!

  2. You can bet i keep reminding Neil Clare. Getting used to the roads, just. But sometimes i kinda find myself leaning towards the driver, thinking we're getting to close to the side of the road.
    No one indicates, or very rarely! Just like Auckland