Sunday, April 26, 2009

We've hit the USA - watch out!

Well, we are here, we made it in one piece, though at zero hour, minus one, the new lap top decided not to work and so we (read Jane) had a rather heated discussion on the phone as to what to do. However, my hero arrived, our house sitter/computer fixer extraordinaire and the guy had it going within minutes.
We had a long, cramped flight, but the kids are movied out i.e. about 4 movies apiece, then had to come to grips with the US phone system and money. There was no shuttle available to the motel, but the motel people said grab a cab and they would reimburse – and they did! So GO MOTEL 6!
So now we are ensconced in our motel room, staring out at a dead flat landscape with tall powerlines and palm trees. It’s a nice warm day, just pleasant, and there is lots of car traffic. To the delight of the girls we’ve seen our first vintage car (yes, we’re on the look out. A 50s Pontiac according to Neil.
Neil and Anzhela waled up to the car rental place and came back all excited about the Mustangs - must be 10 a penny here,....we want to take one home!
Dinner early - 4.30 but we're pooped and out of cync with the time. But we've experienced our first Californian diner - a Mexican place where they must have thought us weird as we had to figure out what it all was. But hey...fries are fries in any language, and we can cope with that.
Onto Universal studios tomorrow, so hope we see someone famous.
And... yes while Neil was out at the car rental I even did some book editing....
Catch u all tomorrow.

Jane, Neil, Yana and Anzhela.... and we're all missing Bingo. Pinkie has yet to hit the streets of LA!


  1. So where all are you guys hitting??

    And yes mustangs are a dime a dozen here :)

  2. LA north, then to sacramento, and up into orgeon and washington, over in Vancouver, then along the border, back into Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and back to California and home