Sunday, May 10, 2009



Saturday we headed to another country LOL – But first we headed to the Mall! Macy’s department store we heard was having a one day sale and one teen decided she really REALLY needed those blue shoes she’d seen earlier. So father dutifully detoured slightly and we went to this big mall that had four department stores, plus all the other individual stores. Macy’s was a disappointment. Maybe the store was just too big for these hicks from downunder. But we did find some bargains at JC Penny’s. Really neat going into these stores we’ve only read about or seen in movies.
But then it was time to head north to ..not, not Alaska...just a bit before that. Canada. Trouble was, just as we were about to leave the Mall carpark, I realised i had left my reading glasses at the motel, so we had a side trip to get them. No glasses, this gal is blind as a bat reading the map and we’d never navigate ourselves outta here.
On the road again. An hour or so later Canada loomed. Border crossing, passports, then we had to get out of the car to get stamped! Easy peasy really! Not like my visit in 1994 when I had unknowningly left the USA without handing in a form and they had me down as an illegal alien and I got hauled aside!
But i think my proudest moment of the day was actually finding my friends house in Vancouver. This downunder readers is a city of 2 million people. Now I may have visited here often, but never driven, so it was a feat of great difficulty. But I succeeded.
Spring has come to Vancouver. The residential areas are lined with flowering plum, cherry and crabapple trees. With the soft breeze there is a carpet of pink blossoms littering the sidewalk. Really beautiful. Plus the Vancouver i remember is famous for its hanging baskets in summer and it hasn’t disappointed. They are everywhere. But so too is some snow on the tips of the mountains that line the northern regions of the city. They’re a great landmark for drivers. Face the mountains and you know you’re going north.
And that’s exactly what we’re doing tomorrow. Heading north for the day only. Going to Grouse Mountain to check out the cable car and snow. But apparently this cable car is glass bottomed, so this gal aint going near it. Space Mountain at Disneyland was enough scary stuff thank you very much.

Also beware, if u see this number plate on the road, beware. Approach with caution. It may turn left or right in the wrong place.

Catch u tomorrow.

Jane and the gang


  1. You are cruising! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day on the road!

  2. Tks Debra. Raining today so finidng tourist things that are indoors.