Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Traveling again today. Do you know that playing tourist is HARD WORK. But definitely fun. Today we hit the road early - about 7.40 am and headed towards Grants Pass, Oregon where Neil went to a vintage car place to buy parts. It's a cute town, very much what I thought old time America might be like. Then it was westward to Brookings and up the coast to Coos Bay, Oregon.

Some quirky things we've seen along the way since we've arrived.
Road signs. There are road signs that ask you to 'adopt' a road. And people and businesses do and they have signs up saying "MacDonald's adopted this piece of road. Then while we were driving down very steep roads through the mountains - read - nervous passenger here - signs saying "Runnaway trucks this way' I just hoped they wouldn't 'runaway' near me! There are hundreds of trucks on the freeway, huge double trailer jobs.
The other thing on the road we've seen lots of are RV - recreational vehicles. To me it seems like America is on the road. Most of these it seems are retired people and they often have cars towing behind, or a trailer attached to the RV. Also we've noticed so many RV parks - they're everywhere and they are full. So really people are moving.
We saw our first hint of snow atop a mountain which was exciting, but we do hope it stays there and doesn't come to the roadway. Another thing we've noticed, or in fact not seen is farm animals. Being from NZ we're so used to seeing land with huge numbers of cows or sheep, and here, there are just a few - really only about 20 at a time. The land is bare. So I guess cattle farming and sheep farming isn't happening in this neck of the woods. But each time we see a few cows we get excited. Sad really!
And here we are in Coos Bay, ORegon. So far we've done 1500 miles!

That's it for today. No pics to load as yet. Am pooped and hitting the bed and blobbing in front of the tv when the writer in me says I should be writing....but heck... don't tell my editor.

Happy days everyone
Jane Beckenham


  1. Loving the commentaries, Jane. I think I would fit firmly into the 'nervous passenger' box with the thought of those runaway trucks too! You can keep those:-) Looking farward to the next tale of travel!

  2. Thanks Clare
    Found our first OUtlet Mall today- so much fun