Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An interesting day

Today we set out to do more tourist things. We wanted to go to the Police Museum, so headed downtown, very close to where we were yesterday. This is the beginnings of the east side of Vancouver. Yesterday it was a 'bit' scary. A few drunks/addicts etc, but today was sooo different. Sad to say, but for a few blocks we were quite scared. We were in the car, but there were cops everywhere, a road blocked and drunk/addicts trawling the street, lining up we think for a soup kitchen. Very appropriate that this was close to the Police Museum. However, we decided to by-pass the museum, too nervous to walk those few blocks.
So instead we headed to way out east of the city to Langley and looked at car parts - yes hubby was cruising for parts for his vintage cars! Then we made a few turns that looked like we'd head way out where no maps existed - at least not in our car, so we did a U turn and with our tourist tails between our legs, we headed back the way we'd come.
Tomorrow I catch up with another Vancouver friend i've known for 30 years. I met her and the friend I'm staying with 30 years ago in a youth hostel in France and we've been mates ever since.

Keep reading, more tourist stuff coming. Off to Whistler, home of the 2010 winter olympics is our destination for Friday - all going well and no snow on the roads.

Oh, by the way, Pinkie has made another appearance, at Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver, pic in yesterday's blog. But she actually is accompanying the tourists on a daily basis now, we hope her spring like colours will encourage the spring to spring forth and not leak too much more.

Jane and gang

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