Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today we travelled from Coos Bay to Seaside, both towns in Oregon. It’s been an interesting day, with wonderful scenery and contrary weather. We had hoped to visit the seal caves just north of Florence, but when we stopped there the rain was horizontal and the view – well white with fog. So sadly we passed on the seals. But the scenery, despite the rain, made up for it. The coast is wild, for kiwis – think west coast south island. Rocks, just like yesterday, rose from the water, towering next to the highway. Then it changed and we had sand dunes 2-3 stories high on the coastal side, with lakes on the other side of the freeway. Just beautiful. At times we could barely see because of the fog, then the sun would come out for a few moments. At one time there was sunshine on our left on the ocean about 30 yards away, and then we were in fog on the road.
One thing captured me today. The bridges. They are architecturally beautiful, with graceful arches and Grecian columns that stand sentinel on some. We managed to go beneath one bridge, and i’ve loaded a picture of this. These bridges and their isolation is another thing that strikes me about this country. The vastness of America, and the work that its forebears have had to do to make it what it is. The grandness of the scale of this is immense.
We drove through small villages where sadly it seems life is changing, small stores are closed, houses empty or abandoned, while along the coastline are groupings of large holiday homes.
Stopped at Lincoln City and discovered Outlet Mall Shopping! What fun. The variety of goods available constantly amazes us. Prices okay, but of course we have to work out the exchange rate for us and that is a pain! 2$ for 1US$ doesn’t make things good buys at time.
On we drove, through rain, sunshine, clouds/fog and have come to rest our weary heads at another motel 6 in Seaside, Oregon. Had an adventure at the Safeway –supermarket- where we self-check our own groceries.
Now it’s trying to work out our route from here, driving taking us a bit longer than expected because of weather and probably because i keep telling Neil to slow down – despite the fact that we’re slower than everyone else.
They predict sunshine tomorrow- long may it last
Happy days everyone
Jane Beckenham


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  2. Jane - your trip sounds like a wonderful adventure. Loved your descriptions of everything. Wonderful pix! Hope you have lots more fun and a safe journey home - Glenys

  3. Thanks Glenys. I think the overall impression is of the vastness of everything. You realise you're on a big piece of dirt!


  4. You are getting in my area now. Very neat to see it through your eyes.

    A suggestion: Stop at Fort Stevens if you can (about 20 minutes North of Seaside)Follow the signs to the Battery. Walk up the long stairs and you can walk through a huge old abandoned Fort. If you check your blog before you go, go to my blog and you can see a picture of what it looks like on last weeks post. It is very cool.

    Drive safe and most of all...have fun.:-)

  5. You are right next door to my favorite place on earth! That would be Cannon Beach.

  6. oh, bother, we missed it! But we did go to the column at Astoria and drove around there. Lovely town. Now in Tumwater, near Olympia. Wlaked besided the beautiful river and rapids right in the middle of the city.