Saturday, May 2, 2009

When it rains...the girls hit the mall!

The rain is still falling, so what do you do when it rains? The girls go shopping and the guys look at cars.
However, we first went to the
Towe Museum today, a great place for vintage car fans – which we are. Neil was in ‘man’ heaven taking lots of photos of the cars, and of course wanting to bring them home. The interesting thing about these cars were that they were basically all (about 150) from the California region, and probably more than we’ve seen in NZ. Just another reminder how big this country is for us hicks from downunder. One car was originally owned by Henry Ford’s wife, and what they did was just fix her scratches/panels, etc. Henry never gave her a new car!
Then the guys and gals split up – the guys going to other car places while the gals – the girls and I and my cousin’s wife, hit the mall. The Roseville Galleria. This mall has 3 – yep three - you kiwi readers – department stores attached to it, plus loads of other shops. We actually didn’t get around it, but had fun trying. I reckon that American Malls are a bit like shopping Disney/fantasyland. So much fun, but we constantly had to double the price of everything just to see if it was a good buy for our NZ dollar. A lot was, but a lot also still dearer for this thrifty shopper. But we came home with sore feet and slightly emptier wallets and the teens satisfied that they’d shopped America!
One nice thing today was that I didn’t have to do any navigating, or worry about where we were driving as relations did all that. A relaxing change!
Tommorrow? Who knows. This is the fun of travelling, we’re going kinda just where the mood takes us.

Happy days everyone
Jane Beckenham

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