Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pinkie is outed

Pinkie is alive and well!
A very kind friend has declared that Pinkie must surface. He is concerned for her. So to make sure that no one is worried (he he he) we have Pinkie on active duty, carrying sunglasses (yes the sun is out albeit fleeting), plus Pinkie has to guard the wallet from overspending, take care of assorted papers, passports etc.


  1. Welcome back, Pinkie. Nice to see you again. I must say that green background does wonderful things for your... errr... pink:-)The Norhtern Hemisphere obviously suits you!

  2. Hi Clarie
    It's raining nowa and poor Pinkie is running for cover! Tomorrow, Tuesday, Pinkie may be taking a peek outside, but she's also got the chance to go flying in a tiny plane over the city. Watch this space.