Friday, May 8, 2009


Water, water everywhere.

Today we left the Pacific coast and headed inland, but first had a brief stop at Astoria, Oregon which is the oldest town on the west coast. It is very step and reminds me of the streets of San Francisco. We drove up to the back of the town where a column watches over the city. It is painted with pictures and words depicting the journey of the discoverers of this area. You can normally walk up the colum (inside), but the steps were closed off today. It was very windy and chilly there, with a temperature below 50deg F. Then it was down to the waterfront where we had to drive over the longest bridge in America (can’t verify this as google is down!) Have added some pics of it. It is about 4miles long and as Neil says it makes our Auckland harbour bridge look like a baby.
Then inland we went, surrounded by lakes and rivers and again more bridges. Finally we came to Tumwater which is just south of Olympia. We’re now in the state of Washington. I phoned an internet friend who lives nearby and she came round. Isn’t it wonderful how you can meet people online and then one day get the chance to meet. I suppose this is the modern day equivalent to a penfriend. Candy took us to the cascade of waterfalls which run through the centre of Tumwater, and really if you didn’t know they were there, you would miss them. The river was the site of a brewery which sadly was sold off a few years ago and the new owners closed it down. But there is still evidence of where the water wheels once churned. Candy was a mine of information, identifying all the trees, and specially beautiful was the Dogwood, with its abundance of white flowers. It’s the native plant I believe of the state.
A great day, and the rain has finally disappeared.
Look out for Pinkie...she's back on the road.

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  1. Oh I wish that I had know that you were going to be this close. I live in Tacoma which only about 30 miles from Tumwater