Tuesday, May 12, 2009


But it's only water, right? Spring has sprung a leak! We did try to do tourist things yesterday, standing at the bus stop to take the bus downtown and walk around Gas Town and China Town, but after waiting about 25 minutes in the rain, (no raincoats) we decided it was a bad idea and went back home. Then the sun came out!

We went to indoor activities - Oakridge mall. Everything very expensive which didn't seem to worry junior teen who bought some high heels the height of the Eifel tower, all glitzy and black. Very practical for walking in the rain! Then we found a supermarket. Prices in Vancouver are definitely dearer than in the USA and the tax is higher too. 12% added on top of indicated price.

Been watching DVDs of I Love Lucy - kids thought it funny and also DVD of Mr Bean. So a relaxing tourist day, albeit a tad soggy.

Grey outside today too, but hopefully only showers and NOT RAIN.

Jane and gang.

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